Dragon's Dogma find gold Idol worship and Escort Duty quests for Huge Shop Discounts

After you have spoken to the Duke, Caxton will inform the Arisen that he wants a prized idol as a status symbol so you can BUY better supplies from his store.

Deliver either a Gold Idol, Silver Idol or a Bronze Idol to get access to better equipment and discounts in his shop. But who are we kidding? Let’s get the gold Idol.

After completing Land of Opportunity and Chasing Shadows quests you can talk to Fournival in his house to start Escort Duty.

Also of note: You may want to consider giving the Gold Idol to Madeleine, for the Supplier’s Demand quest. This is for those more geared towards magic items and/or desire equipment for female characters.

Escort Duty Quest:

egin the quest by speaking with Fournival in his house. Fournival and Symone will be facing each other in the downstairs area of Fournival Manor in the Noble Quarter of Gran Soren.

After speaking with Fournival, talk to Symone to begin the escort quest to the town square. Symone will begin with running down the path to the Fountain Square. Follow her.

At the Cathedral she will stumble and fall. Wait for her to get up, and then walk beside her as she walks and talks moving towards Fountain Square and the Union Inn. Here she will stop and express her desire to play hide and seek. Symone will then run off towards the fountain to hide.

Once she has run away she can be found either in the back of the Union Inn next to the fireplace or at the back of Arsmith’s Alehouse. The quicker she is found, the better. Speak with her once more to start the next part of the quest.

Next, follow closely as she walks around the market. After some time she will walk towards the gates leading to the Craftsman’s Quarter. Speak with her here.

Once at the gate she will announce that she is thirsty and desires water. Give her a Flask of Water. You should have had one ready prior to starting the quest. But things happen.

The final task is to race her to the northern gate of the city. Be careful not to bump into her whilst running. Simply allow her to win so you can get the gold idol.

Speak with her after the “race”. She will then suggest you return to Fournival Manor. Speak with Fournival to complete the quest, and then with Symone to hopefully obtain the gold Idol. IF you did everything right that is. If not reset to checkpoint (hopefully you rested at the Inn before starting the quest.)

Now give the Idol to Craxton and you have your reward.

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    Unknown Chemical July 21, 2020 7:31 am Reply
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    GTFO Rejects July 21, 2020 7:31 am Reply
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    Martin Ivanov July 21, 2020 7:31 am Reply
  • If you begin the quest line with Aldous it stops you from being able to receive this quest. If anyone has a spare Gold Idol on PC I'd really appreciate it. Steam : Amorales559(Hyro) Pawn: Ecio thanks!

    Alex Morales July 21, 2020 7:31 am Reply
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