Idol Worship in PUBG | PUBG Video Game

Idol Worship feature in a popular video game, PUBG is causing widespread outrage in Muslim players around the world. According to many Muslim preachers, this is against Islamic belief and they are demanding corresponding authorities to take the required action to save the young generation from these non-Islamic concepts.

PUBG’s upcoming Mysterious Jungle mode exclusive to Sanhok map in the latest version 0.19.0 update introduced many new features like jungle food, hot air balloons, and more. However, the least welcomed feature by Muslim players is the introduction of idols named “Totems”.

Totems are powerful idols which upon worshiping can restore player’s health, may provide consumable energy drinks, health kits, arms, etc. This Idol worship feature in PUBG is in fact igniting rage in Muslim players around the globe especially in the Middle East.


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