What many beginning bowlers soon learn when starting out, is that bowling is truly a sport of science.  I’ve mentioned in past articles that although you could develop your overall game merely by using brute force to knock down the pins with a hard, fast straight ball, your chances at accuracy and consistent strikes are slim.

I’m not saying that power and revolutions do not have their place on the lanes; quite the opposite, really.  But in order to use these strengths to your advantage, there needs to be a smart approach in why you would desire more spin in your delivery.

Before I go too far ahead, I’ll cover some of the reasons why a bowler would want to increase the revolution rate of their bowling ball when going for the almighty strike.

  • Increased Power to the Pocket
    When you’re aiming for the pocket in ten pin bowling, your goal is not to necessarily smash the pins into dust, rather, you want to have enough drive behind the bowling ball to where the path of your bowling ball is not overly affected by the impact of the pins.  When your bowling ball makes contact with the pins, the path of the bowling ball can be shifted enough to where your throw could miss one of more pins that would have been taken out if only there was a little more power.  Increasing the revolutions of your bowling ball can help drive the intended path by adding more momentum to your delivery.
  • More Angle Toward the Pocket
    I’ve seen many bowlers attempt to hit the pocket with a straight ball, or a slight hook that looks like the ball is on par for a strike, only to miss the mark because there is not enough angle when diving into the pocket.  The idea angle is to drive the bowling ball into the pocket at about three to four degrees as to push the ball into the five pin, while driving through the “uprights” of the two pins that open into the pocket.  Now, too much angle is just as dangerous as not enough angle so again, work on enough angle to where your bowling ball is driving head long into the kingpin.
  • Drive Though Heavily Oiled Lanes
    There are times, especially before league nights, when the lanes are freshly oiled before you get out there and start throwing.  If the house has a heavy oil pattern, your curve or hook ball may need a little more help in actually hooking when and where you expect.  Increasing bowling ball revolutions can help drive though the oil by including more hook while the bowling ball actually meets the lane.

So there are just a few of the reasons as to why you would like to add more revolutions to your bowling ball. Now let’s go over how you can actually increase those revolutions when you need them.

How to Increase Revolutions on Your Bowling Ball

First off, one of the secret ingredients in throwing a curve ball or hook ball in bowling is to ensure that your thumb is exiting the bowling ball before your fingers.  If you are throwing a fingertip bowling ball, this is an absolute must in increasing the hook in your bowling ball or increasing the revolutions of your ball.

In most cases, I’d be against this next tip but it does work if you apply it on occasion.  However, as I have a stroker’s bowling style, I do know that by adding some additional twist or rotation of the wrist during the release of the bowling ball can help push some more revolutions on the bowling ball. By sticking with the first rule of making sure your thumb exists first, your fingers have enough time to create more lift on the bowling ball before it meets the lane.  By adding wrist rotation, that will increase the overall spin and revolutions in your delivery.

One of the more common techniques that I use when the lanes are heavily oiled is to actually insert my fingers into the finger holes of the bowling ball a little deeper.  While using a fingertip drilling, when I increase the depth of my fingertips by about 1/4th of an inch, this allows me to apply more pressure and power to my release as far as letting the fingertips apply more lift to the bowling ball upon release.

The drawback on this technique, however, is that by adding too much spin on the bowling ball can drive the angle that the ball impacts the pocket into an undesirable path, causing the ball to miss the mark and not create the chain reaction we want for a strike.  I’ve left many a solid ten pin or even the dreaded seven-ten split in an effort to increase the bowling ball’s revolutions, so make sure that you work on that happy medium before the scores matter.

In Conclusion

Increased rotation and revolutions on your bowling ball can alter many different facets of your bowling game, whether you are fighting to drive through heavy oil or simply to increase the arc of your bowling ball’s path to the pocket.  Try out different grips, wrist manipulation, adding more lift or increasing your back swing a bit to find that perfect release.

Keep an eye on things as to not over-rotate or lose control of the ball as accuracy issues will keep you standing at the foul line in disbelief as to why you’er facing some ugly looking splits if you’re not careful.

If you’re looking to increase the revolutions on your bowling ball, give some of the above tips a try, and come back to let me know how they do for you!  Have your own tip or suggestion?  Leave a comment below!


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